Help Us Bring Our Son Home

After three years of bravely struggling against liver disease, our son, Jesse, has reached the point where only a transplanted liver and kidney will enable him to leave UCSF and return to his family and loved ones. It happens all the time. As soon as he receives these precious organs the healing that will eventually bring him home to start a new life can begin. But this battle has been a tortuous one and taken its toll on this young man. He needs our help.

I do not belong to an organized religion but I do believe in the power of prayer and the sending of positive thoughts and love to those who need it. I have to. I cannot give up hope. Many of you have already told us that you have us in your hearts and prayers. I would ask that you continue to remember us during this crucial time. He needs strength. He needs love. And he needs a liver and kidney.

I am as desperate as a parent can be who watches the ravages of disease take a little bit more of his son with every passing day. A cure is nearby waiting to happen. With your help this can come to pass. Please offer up a prayer to your source of spiritual power for our son. I will never be able to thank you enough for your help.



One thought on “Help Us Bring Our Son Home

  1. Dearly beloved Michael, Gail & Jesse… my love, prayers, white & golden lights, good healing vibes and The Secret are being sent to you by me. Keep that welcome home sign close by, you’ll be needing it!
    xoxo Teri


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