Alien Intervention Not An Option

The strip today is not meant to be flippant about the fact that our society seems on the verge of plunging into a new Dark Ages. My prayers and positive vibrations are having little effect as hate continues to proliferate and those who would lead us are more concerned about how they can use each daily horror to get elected rather than meaningfully addressing the serious societal problems that cause them. The problems are many-layered and complex and will require innovative solutions and people who will listen and act on them.

I almost  decided not to do a comic strip today, the last few days have been bad days for our species in a lot of ways. If we can’t rise above the hate and bidness as usual attitudes that have gotten us into this abyss, maybe we don’t deserve this wonderful planet.

But you know how obsessive I am about my pro-bono comic career, a strip a day keeps the shrink away and all that. Anyway please don’t read anything more into it than the confused doodling  of an addled pensioner.



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