Rough Sketch For A Tribute To MadBum. And An Appeal To Your Better Judgement.

I will nourish this on to completion during the playoffs. Long live Bumgarner! Viva Los Gigantes! Also: A note to those who have shown interest in the Aldo and Me 2017 Calendar (which features lovely scenes of Western Sonoma County despoiled by the whimsical presence  of Aldo and Me). I am getting down to the bottom of the box, a couple dozen left. Will be leaving for Todos Santos BCS in a couple of weeks and I’m not sure I can logistically deal with printing another batch with all that entails AND put the Mobile Mansion in stealth mode, plus ready Reina De Baja for another journey of 1500 miles.

What I’m saying in a round about way is, if you are thinking of purchasing one of these delightful creations, act now and chances are good that you will be a proud owner. I will be happy to sign your copy in case they may become valuable after my demise. Only twenty bucks, including shipping and handling gets you a snappy calendar and the loving admiration of an old artist. Such a deal!


3 thoughts on “Rough Sketch For A Tribute To MadBum. And An Appeal To Your Better Judgement.

  1. Mike – I intend to get your calendar – I wasn’t aware it would sell out before Halloween! I would like 5 if possible – I intend to distribute 4 to several of your phikeias of 1963. Let me know how to pay – my address is Tom Scarborough, 4717 stuart glen drive, Nashville, tn37215.


    1. Great Tom, and thanks! All you have to do is send me your email address and we can arrange for payment through PayPal. $20/ea includes shipping and handling. I’ll get them boxed and ready. Do I need to give you the secret handshake before you can reveal the identities of the 4 other recipients? Just curious. I can also send a few sturdy cardboard mailing sleeves in the box if you need to mail them elsewhere.


    2. Tom- Are you ready for the new 2018 Sonoma County Calendar, with expanded horizons, new Sonoma scenes and fresh comic weirdness? They should be back from the printer on Friday and I will begin to send them out to interested parties ASAP. Trying to sell as many as I can so I can get back to Todos Santos and our casita which was recently burgled in our absence. Bastards stripped every bit of electric wiring from the property and took most of our power tools. Anyway let me know if you are interested in the new calendar and I will be happy to ship off as many as you’d like. Hope you’re as well as can be expected during these tumultuous times and our advancing ages.


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