How Frida Got Her Hops Back

I am dedicating this strip to dear little athletic Frida, who has a mystery injury on her right front leg. No marks or obvious bites, burrs or swelling or redness. She seemed fine when we got back from dinner, but this morning when she seemed reluctant to get out of bed we knew something was wrong. She was limping badly and shaking. I have been cuddling with her as I draw and she has eaten and watered, even jumped off the couch and barked along with Aldo. She seems to be improving but if not significantly better tomorrow we may take her to the Doc. Her running and leaping skills are impressive but she may not be ready for the playoffs.EPSON MFP image

Movie And Pizza At Gallo Azul

I had heard nary a word about the film we were to see, “Brixby Bear”, when our friend, Christine, called us about a screening taking place in just a couple of hours. I quickly checked out Rotten Tomatoes synopsis and it sounded interesting enough to eat pizza, drink margaritas and watch. The theater was to be Gallo Azul in greater downtown Todos Santos and we have dined here on more than one occasion . I have liked the sauces and fresh ingredients on our previous visits but I must admit the matzah-like crust is not my favorite style. This night however I ordered the Mexicana and the ingredients (chorizo, onions, jalapenos, cheese) were nicely augmented by the crispiness of the crust to give a kind of pizzataco effect. Whatever, I ate the whole damn thing. Good thing for the perritos that mi esposa has some reserve. And the strawberry, basil, chile margarita was a doozie. And, oh yeah…the movie. A joyful blend of child abduction, conditioning, therapy, children’s television, coming of age, creativity, madcap humor and sweet emotion. I’d give it four and a half pizzas. I want to go to Gallo Azul again soon. They have good taste in films and stuff that tastes good! Your basic win/win.

tintan1EPSON MFP image