Korbel Kombat, Kalendar Sketch #3

Back in the early 60s there was a WWll series on TV called “Combat”, starring Vic Morrow (helicopterdecapitation). Several episodes were shot on location near Korbel amid the redwoods and vineyards. There is a room in the tourist area where you can see a photo of the cast in costume on the stairs up to the entrance. Here is a tribute to that innocent time. Did I forget to mention that Korbel Champagne Cellars are located near Guerneville Ca. on the banks of the Russian River?


Calendar Rough Sketch #2, Mystic Theater, Petaluma

A lot of the location shooting for George Lucas’ American Graffiti was done in Modesto but the streets and buildings of Petaluma were also featured, including the Mystic Theater, built in 1886. These days it’s a live music venue, but my drawing depicts a bygone era where a retro evening’s entertainment might have been a guest appearance by The Blob. See if you can spot references to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and the cop car gag from American Graffiti.blobbbbb.JPG

Starting Aldo and Me 2019 Calendar

I’ve found out that dental procedures I am undergoing will take longer than I thought and I may not get back to Sonoma County as soon as I had planned. So, I am starting the calendar process down here with photos I can dig up or already have in my archive. I am thinking of doing an “on location” in Sonoma County theme. Here is the first pencil sketch, a rendering of the Bodega Schoolhouse which was featured in Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. bodegaschool.JPG