About The Artist

Artist and Illustrator Michael Fisher has lived in Sonoma County, California, for forty four years.  Over that time his illustrations and poster designs have advertised numerous music venues, concerts, and local businesses.  His cartoon strip about a bartender, Malice In Blenderland, was a once a feature in Sonoma County’s original independent newspaper of the 70’s and 80’s, The Sonoma County Stump.

Until his retirement in 2007, Michael served as Activities Coordinator and Child Development Specialist for an NGO childcare services agency for 25 years.   However, despite his day job, Michael was at the center of many inspired endeavors, most notably as the lead singer and harmonica player for the oldies group, The Grey Cats.  He also starred in a number of musicals produced by local theatrical companies, including Dracula-la and Little Shop of Horrors.

Approximately three years ago Michael began focusing his artistic talent and illustrator skills to the developments of a cartoon blog entitled Aldo & Me depicting the imaginary and sometimes autobiographical adventures of the cartoonist and his Brussels-Griffon companion, Aldo (whose alter egos are the superhero styled The Doodler and his Hulk-like sidekick, Alldog).

To say that Michael’s style is ‘old school’ might be an understatement.  Anyone familiar with the underground comics of the counterculture will recognize the stylistic similarities.  What is also evident is the virtuosity and imagination of his illustrations.  However his versatility in illustration is not limited to a narrow range of renderings but encompasses the entire array of comic arts, from South Park to Charlie Brown to the Simpsons.

aldomrnaturalMichael is a long time Monte Rio resident who now spends the wintery wet half of the year in Baja, California.   He can be contacted via email at mongrel4u(at sign)sbcglobal(dot)net