Aldo’s Shop & Bark (Merchandise)

For fans of this blog and of Michael Fisher’s art and illustrations, here is an opportunity to actually acquire limited edition and original art work by the creator of Aldo & Me.

coverland11Not surprisingly Michael’s limited edition 2017 Aldo & Me calendar has sold out.  It was an instant sensation and copies went quickly testifying to the underground popularity of this artist’s work.  No doubt the maestro is already sketching out details for the 2018 version of the Aldo & Me calendar.  Stay tuned to this page for further updates.

In the meantime, those who already own an Aldo & Me calendar, and even those who missed out on purchasing one, will be pleased to know that select limited edition illustrations from the 2017 calendar are available for purchase as note cards and postcards.  Michael’s inimitable and whimsical renditions of west Sonoma County landmarks can now be yours.  See the gallery below for the illustrations in their available format of 7×5 inches (17.8×12.7cm) for note cards and 6×4 inches (15.2×10.1cm) for postcards.

For collectors and fans of Michael’s three panel palaver, the good news is that his original one-of-a-kind Aldo & Me cartoon panels are also available for purchase directly from the artist.  Each three panel composition measures 11×6.5 in (27.5×16.5 cm) and comes backed by black cover stock in a clear archival envelope.   With a few exceptions, original Aldo & Me strips, from the beginning (late 2013) to the present, and suitable for framing, can be yours.

Scroll through the archives of the current blog or access the original blog’s archives at for your favorite strip or sequence of strips.  Contact Michael [mongrel4u(at sign)sbcglobal(dot)net] for the availability of your must-have Aldo & Me strip as well as pricing and shipping information.  At present, each strip sells for a base price of $50US.  Get Yours Now!

The gallery below well illustrates the versatility, virtuosity, and imagination of Michael Fisher’s art, at times whimsical, surreal, but always entertaining.

For the prolific creator of Aldo & Me, this is just the tip of a very large iceberg. There’s much much more where these came from!