My Travels With Aldo

My apologies to the faithful followers who have been pining away for over a week since our last transmission. My excuses include, but are not limited to the following: I had to sell some calendars so the expense of my migration to Todos Santos would not totally break us; there were historic forest fires going on, because of which my nasal passages are still gushing after being in Todos for a couple of days; a day of Baja wind aggravated the problem; just plain jet lag; time zone difference….yatta, yatta, yatta. I have inked three pages with impressions of the trip as a topic. Not much dialogue or humor, just feelings about travel from an old codger and his old dog. This is the first completed page. We started our trip with my son, Jesse, driving us to the Airport Express pick up site at Charles Schulz Airport in Santa Rosa. We boarded the bus at 6:45, arrived at SFO about nine AM and departed at 11:45.Travels 1.JPG