New Year’s EVE

Busy today and tonight so I am going to put up this partially done introduction to Eve. She is the tiny sweetheart we are taking care of till she flies away to her real new parents in Washington (State) in a couple of weeks. I am trying hard not to get too attached but she is such a cutie and so smart and affectionate. We were¬†attempting to get her acclimated to the box/carrier she’ll have to occupy while flying. At first she wanted nothing to do with it. but in a couple of minutes with rewards, she got comfortable with it. Now she looks for the box and sits in it till we give her a biscuit.

Our friends Bruce and Christine first noticed her in an  abandoned building where she had evidently been chained and neglected for days. They fed her and gave her water till they contacted Susan Fine who is a kind-hearted match-maker for dogs and potential parents. They liberated her from her sad environment and brought her to us.