“Nothing Can Live, I See, In A World Of Gold”-Ovid


Everybody knows Midas was punished for his greed, big time. But did you know he was a two time loser? He prayed to Bacchus to release him from the wish that had turned out to be a curse. Bacchus directed him to a special river whose healing currents could sweep away the last residue of his affliction. He followed directions, was healed and retired on a lonely mountain top to live a life of poverty and purity…until. He happened to stumble onto a strange scene. On a craggy promontory of the mountain, Apollo and Pan were having a musical smack down which was being judged by Timolus, the spirit of the mountain. He had just rendered his decision for Apollo when Midas unwisely popped out from his hiding space to put in his unasked for two cents in favor of Pan. Apollo took umbrage and caused Midas to gow a couple of ass ears. Appropriate.