My Dinner With “Killer”

Killer was browsing the hood while his owner was at work. Gail and Anita thought he might get into trouble so he spent the day with Aldo and Frida and Me on the grounds at Casa Fisherrero. I think he’s been freestyling for a couple days and got a little dinged up in the process. But a killer he is definitely not. He is a sweet guy and enjoyed our company, food and a couple hours of couch time. When Gail and Anita got back and we’d had something for dinner we walked Killer down the hill to see if his owner was back. He was there and told us that Killer spends a lot of time alone in a small yard in back of his house. When he gets bored he usually finds a way to get out. I think his owner is coming to realize that Killer might be better off in another home. He may ask us to help him with that. Killer is a four year old Bull Terrier who ate up the attention I gave him, and a couple of big bowls of food. I like him. Here are some pictures I drew during his visit..